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The Unfinished Adventures of Stinky Feet Pete: An Interactive, Laugh-Filled Comedy!

Updated: Apr 9

A review by: Marianne Dell'Aquila

I had the pleasure of attending the member preview AND opening night performances of Cameron Purdy’s The Unfinished Adventures of Stinky Feet Pete. You may wonder why I saw it twice and the simple answer is that I wanted to experience additional possibilities that each audience has the power to choose! This play is sure-fire fun for ALL ages!

This unique script is written by the uber talented, dcp theatre lifetime member, Cameron Purdy. Cameron is a distinguished actor, director, and set designer (to name just a few areas of his expertise), and his understanding of what makes a show entertaining is evident in his sharp writing.

The moment the curtain “rises” the energy is electric as the cast takes its audience on a wild ride filled with fun and silliness. Adults and children alike are guaranteed to revel in the hilarity that ensues…

The show opens with Pete Fischer as the narrator who beautifully sets the tone for this hilarious, audience-participation driven production.

We soon meet the heroine Katie, played by the fabulous Kaleigh McCarthy. Ms. McCarthy draws the audience in and has us rooting for her from the start. She does a wonderful job of sustaining the high level of energy required to portray her character. Quinn Calafati (Pete) impresses once again with his comedic instincts, a rarity in a such a young talent. He demonstrates his versatility by seamlessly transitioning from plot point to plot point as the story develops. The catch is that the AUDIENCE decides what happens next. The actors navigate the unknown with wit and ease, and Mr. Calafati delivers a stand-out performance!

Riley Mann (Bruce) delights with their interpretation of the unlikely hero. Their uproariously funny physicality and solid commitment to the absurd will keep audiences laughing!

Pockets Seachrist (Not Me) dazzles as the villain’s sidekick with their usual ability to shine in every scene, effortlessly making them a highlight of the show. The way Pockets embraces the quirkiness of their character is a brilliant example of their immense talent.

Nivia Lima is effervescent as the hero’s sidekick (Nobody). She may play the part “nobody”, but she is definitely somebody special. She truly lights up the stage.

Chris McBreen (Stage manager) reminds us that the stage manager plays an integral part in any production, and he does it with style. Gabriella Gallagher and Rachel Baker are a joy to watch as the stagehands. They do an excellent job with their mostly nonverbal characters, which is a very challenging task. This is testament to their talent and commitment to their roles.

The creative team for this show is top-notch. Director Bill Algeo has expertly guided the actors to tell this zany story with humor and creativity. His ability to help his actors utilize consistent inflection and movement to fully embody their characters is first-rate. Producing credit goes to veteran Jane Spigel who serves as the glue that cements together all facets of this entertaining production.

Colleen Algeo once again wows us with the depth of her talents as Set/Lighting/Sound Designer. Her set is simple yet effective with the priceless applause-o-meter at its core. Lighting and sound are also incredibly effective without detracting or distracting from the story.

Madison Hart (Costume design) and Elda Kulp (Props design) demonstrate cohesive expertise in the costuming and prop choices used in this production. Together, they remind us how significant these aspects of a play are in telling the story. Clare Spigel adeptly rounds out the technical team with flawless execution as the board operator.

This production is not just for our youngest theatre fans, the adults are guaranteed just as much fun and laughter! - The more the audience interacts, the more hysterical the show becomes. Gather your loved ones, grab your tickets, and get ready for this laugh-a-minute comedy! You do not want to miss this show!

Remaining performances of The Unfinished Adventures of Stinky Feet Pete are April 6th and 7th at 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, April 12th at 8 PM, and April 13th at 1:00 pm & 4:00 pm.

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