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The HVAC Project 

Our theatre produces six main stage shows, three family theatre shows, and a number of outlet productions each year. With the glitz and glam of live theatre also comes wear and tear on our beloved building. See how your generous gifts allow us to keep our Theatre in tip-top shape!

Keeping our theatre comfortable for Volunteers, members & audiences!

In summer of 2022 our HVAC system experienced major malfunctions resulting in an unsafe and very hot theatre space. We were able to attain a temporary fix to finish our 2022 season and get us through half of our 2023 season while a committee was formed to find a permanent solution. 

With the guidance of the committee findings, and the vote of our membership body our brand new HVAC system was installed July of 2023! 

Now we need your help! As an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization DCP Theatre relies on your support to aid us in raising $80,000 to cover the cost of the project that will ensure our audience & volunteer comfort for years to come!


The cast of Sound of Music Presents the donations collected during their production at October's Membership Meeting. PC: Annelise Settefratti

Special Thanks to our Donors & Fundraising leaders:

The Cast, Crew and Patrons of The Sound of Music

The Cast, Crew and Patrons of The Monster Hunters


Curtis Cockenberg Jr

Shelby Winder

Mark and Marian Henry

Janet Thompson

Bill and Jane Pearre


Tim and Liz Brewer


Ann Kerns


Charlie Smits

Tim Cooney

Jane Dettra


Bob & Patricia Hess

Hannum Family

Demetra Takes

Richard Liu


Patsy Miller

Naomi Griffiths

Kalie Desimone

Jayne Galletta


Ron Lake

Paul and Nancy Yaroschak

Heather and John Doherty

Project made possible
Thanks to our HVAC Project Committee 

Mike Addice
Geoff Yaroschak 
Mark Henry
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