Audition Process at DCP

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SnowWhite at DCP Theatre
  • DCP COVID-19 policies for auditions:

    • Face masks are not required but strongly recommended for all actors and volunteers.

    • All auditioners, regardless of age, must show proof of vaccination upon being cast in a production at DCP Theatre. 

    • Actors will not be required to wear masks during performances while on stage.

  • Auditions for all DCP productions are open to the community. We welcome all talents onstage and behind the scenes. 

  • All positions are volunteer (non-union/non-paid)

  • All auditions take place at DCP Theatre unless otherwise noted.No appointments needed. 

  • Audition material will be cold readings from the script provided at each audition.

  • Headshots and resumes appreciated but not required. 

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork.

  • DCP Theatre embraces diversity in its membership, its volunteers and its patrons. Additionally, all auditions are open to anyone regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, gender identity or veteran status. 

Audition With Confidence

Follow the links below for audition advice from Broadway World, MasterClass, and Backstage!


Upcoming Auditions

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Audition Dates

In Person: 

Sunday, August 21st 7:30pm

Monday, August 22nd 7:30pm

Please review the audition material prior to the audition dates.

Audition Details:

Wrong Window! by Billy VanZandt and Jane Milmore is a farcical tribute to Alfred Hitchcock.

Wrong Window! mixes the Hitchcock thriller, “Rear Window,” with a couple going through their marital ups and downs. When they appear to see their across-the-courtyard neighbor kill his wife, they begin their sleuthing. True to the tradition of farce, there are chases, slamming doors, and bumbling protagonists. The staging is unique in that the apartment of our married couple also includes a view into the neighbor’s apartment. Physical comedy skills and agile movement required for all roles. 


Wrong Window! is an adult comedy with mature themes, strong language and situations that are not suitable for younger audiences. Only those ages18+ will be considered for casting.


Character descriptions:


Marnie Elbies(any adult age) Novelist, just reuniting with her husband, Jeff, after a year’s separation.

Jeff Elbies -- (any adult age) Husband – deathly afraid of birds


Marnie and Jeff need to be around the same age.


Robbie – (any adult age) Jeff’s best friend

Midge (any adult age) Marnie’s best friend

Robbie and Midge should be around the same age as Marnie and Jeff


Thor Larswald – ( In his 50’s) – Huge threatening looking man. Neighbor of Marnie and Jeff. Married to Lila


Lila Larswald – Sexy, much younger than Thor. (Due to Lila spending much of the show as a dead body being moved from place to place by the other actors a more petite build is necessary for the physical saftey of all actors.) 

Thor and Lila are always fighting.


Loomis – (any age) Crusty, apartment complex handyman 


Detective Doyle – (40’s-50’s) A weathered plainclothes cop who’s good at his job


Audition Dates

in person:

October 2nd 7:30pm

October 3rd 7:30pm



Video Audition Submissions Welcome!

Please send to

See audition materials for more information

Please review the audition material prior to the audition dates.

Audition Details:

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