Audition Process at DCP

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SnowWhite at DCP Theatre
  • DCP COVID-19 policies for auditions:

    • Face masks are not required.

    • Directors have the option to require masks.  If they do so, this information will be included in the audition notice. 

  • Auditions for all DCP productions are open to the community. We welcome all talents onstage and behind the scenes. 

  • All positions are volunteer (non-union/non-paid)

  • All auditions take place at DCP Theatre unless otherwise noted.No appointments needed. 

  • Audition material will be cold readings from the script provided at each audition.

  • Headshots and resumes appreciated but not required. 

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete paperwork.

  • DCP Theatre embraces diversity in its membership, its volunteers and its patrons. Additionally, all auditions are open to anyone regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, gender identity or veteran status. 

Audition With Confidence

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Upcoming Auditions

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Audition Dates

in person:

November 6, 7:30pm

November 7, 7:30pm



Video Audition Submissions Welcome!

Please click "Audition Material" for instructions.

Please review the audition material prior to the audition dates.

Audition Details:

A Note on the Directing Team’s Vision:

The director is looking for 3 women  2 men and 2 teenage boys who are interested in telling this family's story in a fun creative collaborative way.  


DCP is committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion and the directing team believes this is a story for everyone and one that everyone should see be able to see themselves in, so we encourage performers of all races and ethnicities, gender identities, sexualities, abilities, body types, and ages to audition.

Questions and Virtual Auditions can be sent by email to the director, Michelle Rieder at


Please note: All age and gender descriptions below indicate stage age and gender and do not need to align with the actor’s actual age or gender, just with how they can present on stage.




Jay: (15) The death of his mother forces him to be more mature than he is ready to be when his father leaves him and his younger brother with his family so he can sell scrap iron during World War II.

Arty: (13 - Jay's brother) More of an observer than the rest of his family, he often goes with the flow of things, but also can be a little childish.

Bella: (30s-50s - Jay's aunt) She is sometimes a bit off-center and is mentally challenged, but despite this she is also loving and protective of her nephews.

Louie: (30s-50s - Jay's uncle), He is flamboyant, jovial, has a strong, mercurial nature, and a certain underlying dark side. He is considered by Grandma Kurnitz to be the "survivor" of the family.

Grandma Kurnitz: (very old - Jay's grandmother). She is a stern German immigrant, very intolerant of what in others she calls "weaknesses". She is blunt, sometimes even in a funny way, and always knows what is going on with the people around her.

Eddie: (30s-50s - Jay's father). He is shown to be a nervous wreck around his mother.

Gert: (30s-50s - Jay's aunt). Traumatized by her mother since she was young, she has a tendency to suck in her breath while speaking.

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