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DCP Founders
Memorial Scholarship

Given in honor of DCP founding members Ben and Mickie Beltz, Ed and Pearl Herb, Otto and Kay Koch, Al and Mina Hasson, Harold and

Sue Norman, Rita Pearce, Harry and Marge Schaffer, Gwen Schaffer,

Erik Van Anglen and Peg West.

Throwing Caps


$250 gifts are bestowed upon one graduating senior in attendance at each school listed who has the intent or desire to study some aspect of theatre at the collegiate level, or has demonstrated "outstanding contributions to the stage"

during their time in Highschool.

Qualifying schools include:

North Penn High School

Pennridge High School

Quakertown Community High School

Souderton Area High School

Upper Perkiomen High School

On special occasions scholarships will additionally be awarded to candidates who are home schooled, or attend another high school but are avid volunteers within the DCP community. 

Previous Winners


Abraham Bleazard (Souderton)
Makena Kelsey (North Penn)
Catherine Stritzel (Pennridge)
Gwyneth Trumbore (Quakertown)

No Candidate (Upper Perkiomen) 


Nicholas Nardone (North Penn)
Felicia Cappiello (Souderton)
Rachael Szabo (Quakertown) 
Gianna Marie Healy (Pennridge)

No Candidate (Upper Perkiomen)


James Baker (Souderton)
Nicholas Bressler (North Penn)
Lily Grace Cecere (Pennridge)
Simon Fletcher (Quakertown)

No Candidate (Upper Perkiomen) 


Liberty Ashe (Quakertown)
Amanda Heart (Souderton)
Ryan Jacob (North Penn)
Justin Lamphere (Pennridge)

No Candidate (Upper Perkiomen)


Avery Gallagher (Souderton)

No Candidate (Upper Perkiomen) 

Ryan Jacob (North Penn)

Justin Lamphere (Pennridge)

Moriah Wilt (Quakertown)


Felicity Lias (Souderton)

Jackson Gray (Upper Perkiomen)

Madeline Burk (North Penn)

Emma Zimmerman (Pennridge)

Hailey Arnold (Quakertown)



Samantha Krot (Souderton)

Maxwell Forman (Upper Perkiomen)

Quira Crosby (North Penn)

Jessica Kalams (Pennridge)

Roselynne Farrell (Quakertown)

Gryphon Falkner (Home School)


Alex Mast (Souderton) 

Conor Raftery (Upper Perkiomen)

Catherine Winger (North Penn)

Isabella Ragomo (Pennridge)

No Candidate (Quakertown)

Home Schooler - Leah Foster (Home School)


Mackenzie Moyer (Souderton)

Grace Lingenfelter (Upper Perkiomen)

North Penn - Elizabeth Tyree (North Penn)

No Candidate (Pennridge)

No Candidate (Quakertown)

Theater Lights
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