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Thank you to our Donors

DCP Theatre relies on the continued support of all of our generous donors. Thank you for your contributions to the arts in our community. 

Producers ($1000+)

Mark & Marian Henry

Deb Takes

Janet Thompson

Millhorn Trust & Estate

Directors ($500-$999)

Daniel Cerven

Brian Mccafferty

Stage Managers ($250-$499)

Marianne Dell'Aquila

Kent Gerhart

Scott Grande

Andrew Heimark

Heiki-Lara Nyce

Emma Beckers

Kalie Desimone

Geoff Yaroschak

Stage Crew ($100-$249)

Colleen Algeo

Anthony Amodeo

Al Benelli

Cindy Brashear

Jennifer Brozenske

Joseph Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher

Sandra Levine

Michael Romito

Gail Wellington

Daniel Wentzel

Marie Kaplan

Diane Seader

Cynthia Young

Barry Hunsicker

Actors ($50-$99)

Jane Dettra

Irene Forssen

Naomi Griffiths

Jane Pearre

Sally Siegfried

Tracy Strowger

Patrons ($1-$49)

Liz Aber

Reba Baliles

Annette Bannister

Judy Bardsley

James Bingley

David Bowers

June Brown

Mary Louise Denesowicz

Gary & Alma Dobson

Nancy Eshelman

Helene Hartman

Anne Hodges

James Hood

Deborah Keller

Elda Kulp

Maureen Legacy

Christine Macarthur

Jess Mann

Regina Melchiorre

Kathleen Neilson

Mary Prendergast

Kathleen Reilly

A. Roy

Jeanette Schmoyer

Jennifer Seachrist

Linda Sirianni

Jenn Smith 

Mike Smith

John Young

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