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The unfinished adventures of stinky feet pete

By DCP Lifetime member: Cameron Purdy

April 5th at 8pm

April 6th at 1pm & 4pm

April 7th 1pm & 4pm

April 12th at 8pm

April 13th at 1pm & 4pm


Get ready for a theatrical experience like no other! "The Unfinished Adventures of Stinky Feet Pete" is a rollicking and interactive play where the audience becomes an integral part of the creative journey. The premise is delightfully simple but promises endless laughter. Picture this: The narrator/"author" is discovered in the act of finishing the writing of the play, but is experiencing writers cramp. Rather than panicking, they turn to the audience for assistance. This is where the fun truly begins.

Audience-Powered Creativity: Throughout the performance, the audience is invited to make crucial decisions that shape the story in unexpected and often zany ways. These choices range from selecting the hero's phobia to determining the villain's attire (a chicken suit, anyone?). With each decision, the play takes an uproarious and unpredictable turn.






Director - Bill Algeo

Producer - Jane Spigel

Set Design - Colleen Algeo

Lighting and Sound Design - Bill and Colleen Algeo

SM - Chris McBreen 

Costumes - Madison Hart Algeo

Props - Elda Kulp

Board Op - Claire Spigel 

Photography - Colleen Algeo

Board Advisor - Deb Takes


Narrator - Pete Fischer

Katie Feeble - Kaleigh McCarthy

Pete - Quinn Calafati

Bruce - Riley Mann

Not Me - Pockets Seachrist

Nobody - Nivia Lima

Stage Manager - Chris McBreen

Stage Hands - Gabby Gallagher and Rachel Baker 

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