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outlets at DCP

The Outlets at DCP theatre are are another way we support the wide umbrella of the performing arts in the Perkiomen Valley. From improv and stand-up comedy, to local live music events, our Outlet performances have something for everyone!

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Saturday, April 1st 7:00pm

Joan The Girl of Arc

By: Darrah Cloud,

A Staged reading presented by the DCP Junior Membership

Tickets by donation at the door.

Saturday, May 13th 8:00 pm:

The Next Thing: A Staged Reading

A One Act About Our Second Act 

By: TK Tansey 

Presented by Tom Tansey 

Tickets by donation at the door.

Saturday, October 14th, 8:00pm

Name That Tune: A Night in the Life

An original performance and game show event!

Presented by Patrick Gallagher 

Tickets by donation at the door.


Saturday, November 18th:


Up Next:

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Synopsis: Who are we, really? How do we define ourselves? Are we what we’ve done? Or do we exist
apart from that? What happens when everything we know, trust and rely upon is suddenly gone?
A character faces all these questions. With insight and humor, this new play explores one possibility in the great mystery of what happens when we die...and what happens next.

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Gallery of Outlets Past!

Fig For A Kiss- April 9th 2022


Montgomery Roots, March 5th, 2022

Ghosts of christmas past.jpg

Ghosts of Christmas Past, 2021

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