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Life Time Members

Members in good standing who have achieved 20 years of service become lifetime members at DCP Theatre.  Lifetime members do not pay yearly dues, retain all the benefits of a member, and can attend a single performance of each production with no charge in thanks for their numerous years of service to our DCP community.

Our Lifetime Members

Bill Algeo

Howard Algeo

Danielle Asheimer

Tim Cooney

Chuck Corrao 

Sheila Corrao 

Marianne Dell'Aquila

Jane Dettra 

Mike Dougherty 

Sally Dougherty 

Camille Eustice 

Sue Felbinger 

Lee Felbinger 

Linda Friday 

Stracey Gunderman 

Mark Henry 

Marian Henry  

Bob Hess 

Pat Hess

Jacquie Hillegass 

Scott Hillegass  

Holly Hillman 

Emily Hoff 

Wanda Hrabina 

Wesley Hrabina 

Barry Hunsberger  

Norm Hunsberger 

Brenda Hunsberger 

Vernon Hunsberger 

Mary Insinger 

Adam James 

Brad James  

Karen Kukuchka-Mann

Betty Landis 

Cliff Lauchnor 

Jackie Lauchnor 


Barbara Love

Lori Maxwell 

Jim McMichael 

Mae McMichael 

Linda Mertz 

Barry Mertz 

Bill Pearre 

Jane Pearre 

Cameron Purdy 

Diane Raspen 

Nancy Rodgers 

Michael Romito 

Diane Seader 

Robert Seader 

Charlene Seimes 

Marvin Seimes 

Joe Serafin 

Linda Serafin 

Nancy Server-Thompson 

Andrew Shaffer 

Darla Sharp

Sally Siegried

Charlie Smits 

Bob Sykes 

Candy Sykes 

Demetra Takes 

Ray Thompson 

John Webber 

Jeanette White 

Shelby Winder 

Sherry Yerger 

Paul Young 

Cathy Zeller 

In Memory

Alberta Bucci 

Sheila Corrao 

Dotty Hern

Jim Hern  

Jacki Hunsberger

Eleanor Jessum

Carl Mazzocco

Mary Mazzocco

Mark Meinzer 

Alice Munn

John Underkoffler

Millie Underkoffler

Sandra Wood 

Life time members at DCP Theatre

Life Time Achievement Award

The award is given in honor of our longest standing members who have forever left their impression upon us.  The award is always presented to the new honoree by the previous honoree.   

Previous Recipients

Water Bender – 2010 

Carl Mazzocco – 2011 

Linda Friday – 2012 

Wesley Hrabina – 2013 

R. Cameron Purdy – 2014 

Jane Dettra – 2015 

Bradly James – 2016 

Mark D. Henry – 2017 

Raymond C. Thompson – 2018 

Michael Romito – 2019 

Deb Takes – 2020  

Shelby Winder- 2021

Diane Seader - 2022

Bill Algeo - 2023

Liftetime 2023

Congratulations Bill Algeo
Lifetime Achievement Award recipient 2023

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