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'Twas the Night Before Christmas at DCP Theatre

By Julian Bonner

Genevieve Heimark as Emily, Pockets Seachrist as Amos, Bill Algeo as Uncle Breily

Where can you see a sword fight, a rapping mouse, an airplane soaring through the skies and multiple toys come to life? DCPs production of  ’Twas the Night Before Christmas has it all and more!

Setting the scene for the play is a delightful preshow called “Can the Toys Save Christmas?” written by the show’s co-costumer, Jayne Galletta (and what a superb job on the costumes) and its Producer, Deb Takes, and directed by Pockets Seachrist (who also appears as 2 mice brothers in the main play).

The performances by the children are funny and quirky and give the opportunity for lots of singing and dancing.

Max Kocher as Raggedy Andy, Eleanna Christinziani as Ballerina Doll, Francesca Foulkes as Raggedy Ann

The main set showing Santa’s Workshop will initiate a round of applause alone; a superb showcase of color and glitz created by the incomparable designer, Colleen Algeo.

Bill Algeo leads us off playing Uncle Brierly who transforms into the mean Sir Guy of Gisbourne (get ready to Boo…). As noted, Pockets Seachrist plays the Amos mouse brothers extremely well and leads the singing with Genevieve Heimark as Emily, one of the few “people” in the show and who ably accompanies the rapping mouse.

Genevieve Heimark as Emily, Pockets Seachrist as Amos

The enthusiastic Genee Foulkes shines as Calliope the Elf, tying all the characters together and Geary Gurup plays not one, not two but three parts most significantly as the dopey Mulch, and Santa Claus himself.

Genee Foulkes as Calliope

Be prepared for singing, fun and laughter which will totally get you into the Holiday spirit.

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas runs from 8-16 December with performances on Fridays at 8.00pm and Saturdays at 4.00pm and 8.00pm (The Sunday show on 10 December is already Sold Out!)

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