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Never miss a Show

Learn about Flexible Ticket Packages


2024 Flex Packages


Four different types of packages are available:

* 6 Flex Ticket Pack: $108

* 8 Flex Ticket Pack: $136

* 10 Flex Ticket Pack: $160

* 12 Flex Ticket Pack: $180

Flex Tickets provide the ultimate personal convenience and biggest ticket discount! 

Flex Tickets can be redeemed for any Main Stage or Family Theatre performance in the 2024 Season and can be used in any combination.  

Redeem all Flex Tickets for a single performance or use them over multiple productions!

Flex Tickets cannot be redeemed for Outlet Series performances.

Flex Packages are only available for purchase until

April 14th, 2024. 


Flex Packages are non-refundable and unused Flex Tickets cannot be rolled over to another season. All Flex Tickets expire on 12/15/2024.

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