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Family Theatre

The Monster Hunters Poster (1).png

Show Times

October 27 - 29
Friday at 8:00pm

Saturday & Sunday
at 1:00pm & 4:00 pm

November 3 - 4
Friday at 8:00pm

at 1:00pm & 4:00 pm


It's a typical afternoon in Bumblewood when the weekly meeting of The Monster, Ghost, Goblin, Demon, Dragon, Evil-Wizard Hunters Club (whose members have never caught, seen, or even tried to hunt a monster) is interrupted by a troublesome announcement: a real-live monster has been sited in a nearby cemetery. The mismatched friends anxiously set out on their first hunt ever, only to find that they have been duped by the Secret Society of Girls Who Like to Make Bracelets Club. In the end, though, it is The Monster Hunters who will have the last laugh.

Creative Team:

Director - Colleen Algeo

Assistant Director - Pockets Seachrist

Producer - Jane Spigel

SM - Claire Spigel*

Props - Elda Kulp and Aubrey Yaroschak*

Costumes - Madi Hart and Helen Spigel

Lighting and Sound Design - Amber Mangabat

Set Designer - Colleen Algeo

Master Carpenter/Technical Director - Bill Algeo

Theme Artists - Aubrey Yaroschak* and Marianne Dell’Aquila 

Hair and Makeup Artists - Helen Spigel and Pockets Seachrist 

Board Op - David Zangwill*

Board Advisor - Deb Takes 



Finn - Joshua Reyes*

Penny - Luna Bianchimano*

Buck - Xavier Hicks*

Chuck - Max Kocher*

Margot Apple - Kaleigh McCarthy*

Van Pyre - Bill Riccardi 

Duke Thunder - Chuck Kane

Ben - Quinn Calafati*

Frances - Olivia Oughton* 

Melanie Flak - Reese Mann*

Teresa Bing - Tessa Willouer*

Whitney Beans - Avianna McCarthy*

Pip - Sylvie Willouer*

Adrienne - Maya Hannum*

Lizzie - Bria McCarthy*

Penelope - Francesca Foulkes*

Henry- Braden Dell’Aquila* 

Liam - Dylan Gallagher*

Mazie – Harlow Foulkes

Noah - Keyton W 


Ghost Story Tellers 

Maddie Bingley, Cassidy Butler, Geary Gorup, Courtney Katz, Helen Spigel

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