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Pinocchio at DCP theatre

April 29th - May 1st
Friday at 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday at
1:00 pm and 4:00 pm

May 6th - May 7th 
Friday 8:00 pm
Saturday at
1:00 pm and 4:00 pm

Production Team

Director - Brandon Pascucci

Director’s Mentor - David Williams

Producer - Jane Spigel 

Stage Manager/Props - Carly Covel

Costumes - Tori Henry Beatrice 

Set Design/Master Carpenter - Ray Thompson

Set Design/ Artist - Colleen Algeo 

Lighting Design - Geoff Yaroschak 

Board Operator - Noah Baliles 

Puppeteer Coach - Candi Remphrey 

Meet The Cast.png

MaryKate Bricker


(Pinocchio) is ecstatic to be back on the DCP stage.  She was last seen in Annie (Tessie) and Miracle on 34th Street (Janet). She also performed in Madagascar (King Julien) and 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee  (Brook Coney).  She was also cast in Frozen (Anna) that was canceled due to Covid.  In addition to her love of the stage she performs with her HS choir, competed in Julia’s Joy singing competition and is learning the guitar. She also teaches swim lessons and is a lifeguard. 

Xavier Headshot.jpeg

Xavier Hicks

(Preshow/Candlewick understudy)  is excited to be in his very first show with DCP theater. He has watched friends and family in shows over the years and always wanted to be part of it. Thanks to moving to the area, he finally gets his chance! Xavier enjoys making theatrical videos with his younger brother. He also helps anchor his school broadcast. He hopes everyone enjoys Pinocchio as much as he enjoys being a part of the show!


Alanna Mundondo

(Harlequin/Pinocchio understudy) is returning to the DCP stage after her debut in Annie as one of the “little orphans”. Alanna is 7 years old and a first grader. She loves dancing competitively and has a passion for gymnastics. When not on stage you can find Alanna cartwheeling around the house or even down the hallways at school! 


Candi Remphrey

(Police Officer/Puppeteer Coach) is excited to be onstage again after more than a decade.  She has also stage managed several productions at DCP Theatre.  She has a BFA in Theatre (Puppetry and Creative Dramatics) from West Virginia University. Some of her favorite roles include The Boys Next Door (Shelia) and The Amazing  World of Magic featuring Richard and Joann Gustafson  (Assistant) Yes, she's been cut in half and no, she can't reveal how  it’s done.  She was also in the children’s TV pilot Frank's Garage (Stand-In Puppeteer). 

Claire Headshot.jpeg

Claire Spigel

(Preshow) is in 6th grade and excited to be back on stage at DCP.  She was last seen in Alice in Wonderland and It’s A Wonderful Life Radio Play both in 2019.  Claire loves riding horses and playing with her dog Finley in her free time.  Thanks to Brandon for this opportunity and enjoy the show! 

Cassidy Headshot.jpeg

Cassidy Butler 

(The Clown) is very excited to be back on the DCP stage. She was last seen here in Alice in Wonderland (Alice). Some of her favorite roles have been The Children’s Hour (Mary Tilford) and Annie (Pepper) at DCPTheatre, Rimers of Eldritch (Eva Jackson) and She Kills Monsters (Agnes Evans) at Playcrafters, and Bang, Bang You’re Dead ( Katie) at Barley Sheaf Players. Cassidy sends a very special thank you to Brandon and his wonderful team who she has enjoyed so many memories with over the years.

Hazel Headshot.jpeg

Hazel Jean

(Fire Eater) is doing her 3rd production due to the encouragement of her mother, Bernice. She likes playing characters of different personalities and loves to see how they all come together. She is a medical assistant and florist and would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to develop this new skill.

Taylor Headshot.jpeg

Taylor Mundondo

(Miss Rose)  is 13 years old and in 7th grade. She is returning to the DCP stage for the 4th time and couldn’t be more excited to join such a talented cast and crew. Taylor has previously performed on the DCP stage in Annie (Duffy),  Miss Nelson is Missing (Kimberly)  and The Incomplete Life & Random Death of Molly Denholtz (Tina). When Taylor is not on the stage you can find her playing basketball or lacrosse and volunteering as a Student Ambassador for Simons Heart. 

Aden Headshot.jpeg

Aden Riggleman

(Puppeteer)  is a 13 year old male who has had experiences in shows before in both DCP and his local middle school. He was seen at DCP in  Miss Nelson is Missing and It's a Wonderful Life and at his middle school in Peter Pan and Shrek the Musical. He plans to join the debate club in 9th grade, as he has a way with his words! He does extracurricular activities such as swimming, piano, and video gaming. He also plans to be a musician and engineer when he grows up. He would like to thank his mom for driving him everywhere, risking flat tires and heavy weather.

Helen Headshot.jpeg

Helen Spigel 

(Puppeteer) is a Junior in high school and has been involved with DCP for 10 years.  Some of her favorite roles are Alice in Wonderland (Cheshire Cat), Never Ending Story (Urgyl) and The Little Princess (Ermengarde).  Over the years she has also worked behind the scenes as Asst Stage Manager, Asst Director and Production Asst.  Helen is the VP of the Aquaponics Club and is a staff writer on her school’s newspaper.  Thanks to Brandon for this opportunity and enjoy the show! 

Sean Headshot.jpeg

Sean Collins

(Gepetto)  is delighted to be making his DCP debut as the original Puppet Master. He was last seen in Playcrafters’ The Tempest (Ferdinand). Previous roles have included  Dark of the Moon ( Marvin Hudgens), You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown (Schroeder) and  You Can't Take It With You (Tony). He has also appeared in various Philly Fringe shows and appeared in the music video for Train's "Feels Good At First".

Riley Headshot.jpeg

Riley Mann

(Fox) is 16 years old and a sophomore in high school. He has a passion for literature and art. The founder of his school’s literary magazine, he hopes to expand his artistic vision through the art of acting and playwriting. This is his fourth production at DCP. 

Brian Headshot.jpeg

Brian Neuenschwander

(Antonio) began acting at the age of 4  and has enjoyed over 4 decades of performing, directing, writing, designing, staging and producing. He first joined DCP working behind the scenes on 2018’s Miracle on 34th St, which was directed by his now wife Maria Serino (the  Blue Fairy). He is excited to make his DCP on stage debut by literally throwing himself into the role of Antonio.

Pockets Headshot.jpeg

Pockets Seachrist

(Cat) is a senior in high school and is paw-sitively excited to be returning to the DCP stage for the 6th time. They hope you are all looking forward to theater making its grand return, especially the a-mew-sing and hiss-terical world that is children's theater. They would also like to thank the director, Brandon,  for this wonderful op-purrr-tunity. Enjoy the show! 

Izzy Headshot.jpeg

Isabella Valleley

(Puppeteer) Izzy Valleley  is proud to be in another show at DCP Theatre!!! This is her third show at DCP and definitely will not be her last!!! Her past shows include It’s a Wonderful life: A Live Radio Play (Zuzu Bailey) and Miss Nelson is Missing (Phoebe). She is 13 years old and in 7th grade. She enjoys listening to music and some of her favorite musical artists/bands are Nirvana, Hole, Mitski, and Cheap Perfume. She also enjoys watching Marvel movies and TV shows, her recent favorite being the Hawkeye series (Hawkeye is still lame but she loves Kate Bishop). Her favorite movies are Heathers, IT(2017) and the Fear Street trilogy. She would like to thank her supporting friends and family but most importantly Bill Hader because he is Bill Hader.

Add a heading (2).png

Kaida Gambier

(Puppeteer/Harlequin understudy) is 10 years old and in 5th grade. She is very excited to be playing the first puppeteer in her very first performance! When she is not acting, Kaida loves music, dance, art, and softball! 

Jason Headshot.jpeg

Jason Marengo 

(Candlewick) is a 3rd grader and new to DCP Theater this year. He debuted his acting career this winter in Facetime Theater's We Are Monsters (Fargoyle and Growly). Jason loves old monster movies and has found a passion for acting.  He is also an artist, avid reader, enjoys learning about biology and modeling tuxedos. He is excited to play Candlewick and be part of the Pinocchio production.

Brynn Headshot.jpeg

Brynn Pongras

(Punchinello)  is excited to be in her first performance at DCP.  Brynn has been a part of Drama Kids of Southern Lehigh since October.  Brynn is 10 years old and lives with her parents, two brothers, and her dog Otis.  An avid reader, she also enjoys making crafts, playing the cello, and riding her motorcycle.  

Maria Headshot.jpeg

Maria Serino

(Blue Fairy) has been seen on and off the DCP stage since 2009. Some of her favorite DCP roles include:My name is Rumpelstiltskin (Griselda), The Jungle Book (Bagheera)  and Blythe Spirit (Edith). She also had the opportunity to direct twice and hopes to do so again in the future! Maria is very excited for the opportunity to tell this beloved story to you and to share the stage with both her wonderful husband and super cool nephew, for the first time ever! She hopes that you enjoy the show, and remember: “Good boys and girls get more cake than Naughty boys and girls!” 


All Photographs courtesy of Table8Photography

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