Bedtime Stories as Told by Our Dad Who Messed Them Up at DCP theatre

July 15th - 17th
Friday at 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday at
1:00 pm and 4:00 pm

July 22nd - 23rd
Friday at 8:00 pm
Saturday at 
1:00 pm and 4:00 pm


Director - Kelly Butler

Producer - Jane Spigel

Stage Manager - Nina Lima

ASM - Sydney Thompson

Costumes - Cassidy Butler & David Williams

Light & Sound Design - Bill Thompson

Board Advisor - Jacqui Stinson


David Williams as Dad 

Brennen Sibel as Wally 

Audrey Heimark as Ashley 

Lana Gribbin as Katie 

Jim Bingley as Prime Minister  

Anna Bingley as Queen 

Riley Mann as Prince 1 & Militia 

Izzy Valleley as Princess One, & Poor Old Woman 

Claire Spigel as Princess Two, & Mayor 

Cassidy Butler as Mindy 

Reese Lonergan as Sheep

Bailey Lonergan as Sheep

Nina Lima as Sheep

Sean Collins as Horace I 

Landon DeGroote as Horace II 

Maddie Bingley as Wilbur

Reese Mann as Mom

Chris Donahue as Father

Nivia Lima as Captain

Jake Taylor as Militia

Landon DeGroote as Militia 

Jake Taylor as Prince 2

Lallie Lima as Daughter 

Pockets Seachrist as Rumpelstiltskin