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Family Theatre

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Show Times

April 21-23
Friday at 8:00pm

 Saturday & Sunday
at 1:00pm & 4:00 pm

April 28-29

Friday at 8:00pm


at 1:00pm & 4:00 pm


Something terrible happened to Junie B. Jones at school today! Someone stole her new furry mittens! So when Junie B. finds a wonderful pen of many colors, she should be allowed to keep it, right? Because finders keepers, losers weepers. And guess what? There's a new boy in kindergarten and he is the handsomest. The only thing is both Grace and Lucille want him to be their boyfriend. Maybe he will love Junie B. when he sees her wonderful pen! It is okay to keep it, right? Junie B. Jones is not a crook . . . or is she? A hilarious and heartfelt tale based on the best-selling book series by Barbara Park.

Creative Team:

Director - Annalise Settefrati

Producer - Jane Spigel

Stage Manager - Riley Mann

Costumes - Annalise Settefrati

Props - Annalise Settefreti and Elda Kulp

Set Design/Master Carpenter - Kevin Niewood

Sound Design - Suki

Board Op - Claire Spigel

Board advisor - Michelle Reider 


Florence Wydra-Gat as Mrs

Abby Gugliotti as Mother

Bria McCarthy as Principal

Genevieve Heimark as Grouchy Typing Lady

Jason Marengo as Grampa Frank Miller

Jasper Marengo as Live Fireman

Dylan Gallagher as Police Officer

Lucille's Grandpa- Darren Gallagher

Madison Hart as Junie B Jones

Allie Hughes as Grace

Kalie DeSimone as Lucille

Reese Mann as Pink Fluffy Girl

Jay Fletcher as Meanie Jim

Patrick Gallagher as Ricardo

Ava McManus as Mitten Crook

Blake Littlefield as Parrot

Connor Redmond as Handsome Warren

Alanna Mundondo, Avianna McCarthy

Kaleigh McCarthy, Sylvie Willouer as The Choir 

Meet the cast


Florence Wydra-Gat

 (Mrs) is an FCS teacher, mom, wife, cat rescuer, yoga instructor and probably a few other things. Her most notable roles in community theater include Shrek (Fiona), Oliver (Nancy) and The Bad Seed (Mrs. Daigle). Thank you everyone for this fun show.


Jason Marengo

Jason Marengo (Grampa Frank Miller) is a 10 year old who has a passion for acting, reading, Harry Potter, and beach trips. He is a lucky St. Patrick's Day baby! This is his fifth play and second performance at DCP. You may have seen him in We Are Monsters with Facetime Theater or Wizard of Oz and Jingle Arggh the Way with Firebird Theater. He made his DCP debut last year in Pinocchio (Candlewick). "Anything is possible if you've got enough nerve." ~Ginny Weasley


Madison Hart

Madison Hart (Junie B Jones) has been involved with DCP Theater for over 15 years. She has been an actor, producer, director, lighting designer, set/prop builder and a costumer. She is best known at the theater as “Miss Madi” thanks to her Drama Kids classes and is excited for the opportunity to be on stage with some of her students. She is truly a child at heart so having the chance to play one on stage has been an absolute delight! Madi sends all of her love to her family and friends for their support and a special thank you to the entire cast and crew for an incredibly fun experience!


Jay Fletcher

Jay Fletcher (Meanie Jim) is back on the DCP stage after a bit of a break. Jay is 55 going on 6, so playing a 230 lb kindergartner is just like real life. He is very excited to get back onto the stage with some of his old friends and is also looking forward to sharing the stage for the first time with Junie B Jones (Madi) and with other new friends he has met during this run. When Jay isn’t on stage he enjoys collecting weird house plants, traveling and writing out bios for Jane. Jay would like to thank everyone for seeing this show and supporting local arts. Finally, Jay would like to dedicate this performance to his own kindergarten bully “Angela” who ate his prize maple leaf minutes before he got to show it off for show and tell. “Angela” I won’t ever forget you. HAHAHA!


Connor Redmond

Connor Redmond (Handsome Warren) is excited to make his DCP debut as Handsome Warren. Connor was recently seen in 1st street players production of Curtains (Bobby Peppers). He is excited to work with a fantastic group of actors and crew. He has been in various shows like Shrek (Ensemble) and Spongebob (Patchy).


Sylvie Willouer

Sylvie Willouer (Choir) is excited to partake in Junie B. Jones Is Not A Crook. Her debut was this past Christmas in The Christmas Carol (Fan and Want). When she isn’t dappling in theatrics she can be found doing arts and crafts.


Abby Gugliotti

 (Mother) is a 5th grader at Corpus Christi Catholic School. She has been in 3 plays, 2 of which have been productions of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Angel and Gladys) She was also in Charlie And The Chocolate Factory (Mrs Beaugaurd). She recently won a cheer competition in Atlantic City. Abby is very excited to portray this role and wants to thank Annalise for seeing potential in her and picking her for the role of “Mother”. Thank You


Jasper Marengo

Jasper Marengo (Live Fireman) is an 8 year old who loves Kermit the Frog, hamburgers, flag football, and SpongeBob. His goal is to learn tricks on scooters. This is Jasper's third play and second performance at DCP. You may have seen him in Wizard of Oz with Firebird Theater or Christmas Carol (Tiny Tim) with DCP. "If you believe in yourself and with a tiny pinch of magic all your dreams can come true. ~Sponge Bob


Allie Hughes

Allie Hughes (Grace) is thrilled to make her debut on the DCP stage as “Grace” in this production of Junie B Jones is not a Crook. While she is new to community theater, Allie has acted in multiple of her school’s plays including Alice in Wonderland ( Queen of Hearts) and most recently Beauty and the Beast (Gaston’s silly girl). Off stage, Allie is a junior at the Perkiomen school where she is a member of the varsity swimming and lacrosse teams.


Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher (Ricardo) After 15 years at DCP Theatre, this is Patrick's first Family Theater Show! Patrick is thrilled to be accompanying his sons Dylan and Darren in their FIRST show! The Gallagher Family is blessed to have DCP Theater in our lives to offer us such fun opportunities! Please support local theater.


Alanna Mondondo

Alanna Mundondo (Choir) is so excited to be back on the DCP Stage for the 3rd time! Her previous roles include Annie (Orphan) and Pinocchio (Harlequin). When she is not on stage, Alanna loves to practice Taekwondo. She actually just earned her Orange Belt and is part of Leadership. She loves school, her friends and really enjoys being on stage.


Bria McCarthy

(Principal) This is Bria’s first performance with DCP Theatre. An 11 yr old homeschooled student, Bria has spent the past 7 years holding various theater roles with Crowning Achievements at Christ Community Church in Plumsteadville. Some of her roles include Annie (Molly), Mary Poppins (Chimney Sweep) and most recently a Wise Man in their Christmas performance. Bria has spent 4 years with Crowning Achievements’s choir. She has also spent 4 years dancing tap, jazz, and ballet with Juli Kell’s Dance School. Bria enjoys making Tik Toks, gymnastics, rollerblading, and doing crafts.


Dylan Gallagher

Dylan Gallagher (Police Officer) brings months of tactical training into his role as the Police Officer in this show. There is not a single military or police tactic video left on YouTube that he has not watched, probably. Dylan is an energetic 3rd grader in North Penn School District who also enjoys parkour, Cub Scouts, and soccer. Dylan's desire to be in this show is what drew his entire family out to participate! Thanks to Annalise for casting Dylan in his dream role!


Kalie DeSimone

Kalie DeSimone (Lucille) is pleased as punch to be making her triumphant return to elementary school in this production. Kalie spent a little extra time there, as she had to repeat kindergarten, on account of her being “shy” and not being able to catch a ball. Only one of those facts remains true today. Kalie is ecstatic to be performing with such a talented cast and crew. Also, she is still taking applications for her “expensive prince”. Serious inquiries only.


Ava McManus

Ava McManus (Mitten Crook) is very excited to be part of Junie B Jones is Not a Crook! This is Ava's first production outside of school. Ava would like to thank her friends and family for supporting her and making it possible to be in the show. Break a leg everyone!


Avianna McCarthy

Avianna McCarthy (Choir) This is Avianna’s first performance with DCP Theatre. A 13 yr old homeschooled student, she has spent the past 7 years holding various theater roles with Crowning Achievements at Christ Community Church in Plumsteadville. Some of her roles include Mary Poppins (Jane), Annie (Orphan) and most recently a Wise Man in their Christmas performance. Avianna has spent 4 years with Crowning Achievements’s choir. She has also spent 4 years dancing tap, jazz, ballet, and contemporary with Juli Kell’s Dance School. In her free time, Avianna enjoys inspiring people on Youtube, playing with her Shiba Inu, Winter, writing songs, and hanging with her friends.


Genevieve Heimark

(Grouchy Typing Lady) is in 5th grade and is very excited to be a part of Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook. This is Genevieve’s theatrical debut and she would like to thank the entire cast and crew for this wonderful experience! When not on stage, Genevieve can be found hanging out with her friends, singing, or with her team at Infinity Gymnastics. Genevieve would also like to thank her family and friends for all their support!


Darren Gallgher

Darren Gallagher (Lucille’s Grandpa) After originally telling his parents he would begin his theater career at age 8, Darren has agreed to up his timeline and appear in Junie B. Jones this year with his dad and brother. Thank you to Annalise for the opportunity to squeeze another Gallagher into the show.


Reese Mann

Reese Mann (Pink Fluffy Girl) is currently in 7th grade attending Strayer Middle School. This is her second production at DCP. and she is overly excited to be playing the role of “Pink Fluffy Girl”. She loves performing at DCP and hopes everyone enjoys this show.


Blake Littlefield

Blake Littlefield (Parrot) is very excited to be making his stage debut. He lives in Souderton with his mom, dad and brother Trent. Blake is in 4th grade and loves Science and basketball. Thanks to his parents, brother and grandparents for their continued support. Thanks also to Annalise for believing in him and offering this part and his friend Sylvie for encouraging him to audition.


Kaleigh McCarthy

Kaleigh McCarthy (Choir) This is Kaleigh’s first performance with DCP Theatre. A 16 yr old homeschooled student, Kaleigh has spent the past 7 years holding various theater roles with Crowning Achievements at Christ Community Church in Plumsteadville. Some of her roles include Annie (Lilly St. Regis), Mary Poppins (Miss Andrews) and Guys and Dolls (Harry the Horse). Kaleigh has spent 7 years with Crowning Achievements’s choir and musical ensemble. She has also spent 5 years dancing tap, jazz, point ballet, lyrical and contemporary with Juli Kell’s Dance School. In her free time, Kaleigh enjoys sewing, singing, and drawing.

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