outlets at DCP

The Outlets at DCP theatre are are another way we support the wide umbrella of the performing arts in the Perkiomen valley. From improv and stand-up comedy, to local live music events Our Outlet performances have something for everyone!

2022 Outlets 

March 5, 2022- TBD

April 9, 2022- TBD

May 21, 2022- TBD

August 6, 2022- TBD

October 8, 2022- TBD

November 19, 2022- TBD

Outlets are hosted by both DCP theatre volunteers, and members of our our greater community. All events must be individually funded. DCP theatre does not provide budget funding for outlet performances. If you have an idea for an event you would like to host at DCP theatre please complete the form below!

Have an idea for an outlet?

Seat of our pants players.jpg

The Seat of Our Pants Players Presents: Crassly Commercial Kringlefest- 2021

Ghosts of christmas past.jpg

Ghosts of Christmas Past -2021

The incomplete life and random death of Molly Denholtz.jpg

The Incomplete Life and Random

Death of Molly Denholtz-2021