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Law and Order Fairy Tale Unit at DCP Theatre

Performance Dates

September 16th - 18th
Friday at 8:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday at
1:00 pm and 4:00 pm

September 23rd - 24th
Friday at 8:00 pm
Saturday at
1:00 pm and 4:00 pm




Cast & Crew

Director- Dan Wentzel

Mentor to the Director- Michelle Rieder

Producer- Kalie Desimone

Stage Manager-Marcia Vanderslice

Set Design& Technical Directors-Jeff & Emma Beckers

Costumes- Deb Takes & Cathy Zeller

David Williams - HD

Mary Beth Penjuke - Cindy

Laura Shapella - Stiltzkin

Landon DeGroote - BB Wolf

Allison Baron - Zelle & Dopey

Elda Kulp - Chu-Chunk, Time, Place, Officer Gold and Judge Godmother

Nina Lima - Ugly D & Bashful

Nivia Lima - Gretel & Captain Hook

Lallie Lima - Hansel & Wick

Christopher McBreen - Chu-Chunk, Time, Place, Peep and Pinocchio

Laura DeGroote - Chu-Chunk, Time, Place and Bailiff.

Chuck Kane - Pig #1 & Sleepy

Izzy Valleley - Pig #2 & Sneezy

Taylor Mundondo - Pig # 3 & Happy & Jillian

Joshua Reyes - Jack & Doc

Tara Dulac - Merm & Grumpy

Meet the Cast

In Order of Appearance


David Williams

 (HD) David has lost count on how many productions this is at DCP. He was last seen on stage as the Dad in Bedtime Stories (As told by our Dad) (Who Messed them up). Past roles include: Cogsworth, Beauty and the Beast; Jamie Wellerstein, The Last Five Years; King Arthur, Camelot; Leonard Vole, Witness for the Prosecution; and Sir Harry, Once Upon a Mattress. Enjoy!


Allison Baron

 (Zelle & Dopey) Allison Baron is excited to be a part of Law & Order: FTU, as she watches far too much L&O in her free time! This is her first show with DCP and wants to thank Mr. W for the opportunity. Most recently, Allison was in the ensemble for Big Fish at Methacton Community Theater. MCT is normally where Allison can be

found on stage or creating costumes. Thank you to her sister for helping her stay busy and creative.


Lallie Lima

(Hansel & Queenan) Lallie Lima is thrilled to be performing at another production at DCP. She has previously been in The Enchanted Bookshop playing the role of Heidi and The Incomplete Life and Random Death of Molly Denholtz as Reese. Most recently, she has played the role of Mabel in the Pirates or Penzance at Montgomery Theater and will play Elvira Condamine in their fall show Blithe Spirit.


Izzy Valleley

(Pig #2 & Sneezy) Izzy is proud to be in another show at DCP Theater!!! This is her fifth show at DCP and definitely will not be her last!!! Her favorite roles include Zuzu Bailey in It’s a Wonderful life: A Live Radio play and Phoebe in Miss Nelson is Missing. Outside of the theater they enjoy writing.


Mary Beth Penjuke

 (Cindy) Mary Beth has performed in shows at DCP in the past. She is happy to be performing in a show right now and hopes to be involved in future productions.


Elda Kulp

(not pictured)

(Officer Gold, Judge Godmother & Chu-Chunk, Time, Location) While researching the part of Officer Gold, I found she had an unfortunate incident of breaking and entering regarding Three Bears. She fled her life of crime and turned to Criminal Justice becoming a Top Detective in the Fairy Tale Unit. I am hoping to make her proud of my portrayal. Not too Hot, not too cold, but just right! Continuing my research, Judge Fairy Godmother is a magically-gifted woman. She performed her magical forces across many Fairy Tale kingdoms stepping in to make sure that the tale in question runs its course with making sure that the endings were perfect as she disappears in a cloud of glitter and hearts. She is often unseen. She turned to the Court System of the Fairy Tale Unit to make sure that justice prevails in FTU and to give a Face to Fairy Godmothers everywhere. I hope I can portray her with Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! And there really wasn't any special training for C.L.T. - you'll see.

Special thanks to my hubs, Steve, son, Mike for supporting my craziness. Thanks to Dan and the cast and crew of FTU for the opportunity. Jane, I did it! Kalie, Kim, Deb - you have no idea how much you have done for me. Enjoy the show!!!


Chris McBreen

(Chu-Chunk, Time, Location, Peep & Pinocchio) Christopher Bryan McBreen has been performing on stage for 10 years this summer. In that time, he’s played a murderous spectre, a purple Buffalo and a Mathemagician. He’s gotten married on stage, become enamored with himself, and learned to agree to disagree. He’s acted, directed, stage managed and pushed the magic button to bring the lights up and down. This is his 4th show this year and he’s glad to be coming back to his true love, family theatre and fulfill EVERY actors dream of being a defense attorney on Law & Order.

Thank you everyone for 10 years of laughs, cheers and love and here’s to many many more.



Taylor Mundondo

(Pig # 3 & Happy & Jillian) Taylor Mundondo is 13 years old and in 8th grade at Perkiomen Valley Middle School West. She is returning to the DCP stage for the 5th time and couldn’t be more excited to join such a talented cast and crew! Taylor has played the parts of Duffy in ‘Annie,’ Kimberly in Miss Nelson is Missing and Tina in ‘The Incomplete Life & Random Death of Molly Denholtz’ and Miss Rose in ‘Pinocchio.’

When Taylor is not on the stage you can find her playing basketball and volunteering as a Student Ambassador for Simons Heart.


Laura Shapella

(Stiltzkin) Laura is happy to make her DCP debut! Favorite roles include Miss Adelaide (Guys and Dolls), Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast) Lady Toby Belch (Twelfth Night), Ursula (The Little Mermaid), Pfeni Rosensweig (The Sisters Rosensweig), Nancy (Pursued by a Bear), and Rosalind (Love's Labour's Lost). Much love and thanks as always to Brian, Katie, and Danny.


Nina Lima

(Ugly D & Bashful) Nina Lima is delighted to return to DCP as the ugly duckling! She most recently stage-managed Bedtime Stories as Told By Our Dad Who Messed Them Up and The Incomplete Life of Molly Denholtz. When she’s not on stage or behind the curtain, you can find her writing or playing video games.


Laura DcGroote

(Chu-Chunk, Time, Location and Bailiff) Laura has been a Drama Mama backstage for the last 5 years, but this will be her very first time on stage. Laura is a 36-year-old mom of two amazing boys, both of whom have been bitten by the theater bug. She is excited to be able to perform with her oldest son, Landon in hopes that years from now, he will remember this time spent together. She would like to thank the director for allowing her to be a part of this performance. She would also like to wish good luck and congratulations to the cast and crew for what she is sure will be a terrific show!


Joshua Reyes

(Jack & Doc) Joshua Reyes is a 13-year-old middle school student with many talents. His most recent roles were Pinocchio in Shrek Jr at Upper Perkiomen Middle School and Elvis in Miss Nelson Is Missing at DCP. He thanks his family for supporting him and driving him to rehearsals. When he is not acting, you can see him playing flag football, video games with his brother, or hanging out with his friends.


Landon DeGroote

(BB Wolf) Landon DeGroote is very excited to partake in another DCP performance once more. He is 15 years of age and is portraying the role of the Big Bad Wolf. He has done many shows, including Lion king jr, James and the Giant Peach jr, Shrek jr, The wizard of Oz, and bedtime stories at DCP! He wants to thank the cast and crew for being welcoming and fun, and he would also like to thank the director, Mister Wentzel, just for great directing skills.


Nivia Lima

 (Gretel & Captain Hook) Nivia has practically been living at DCP after participating in Bedtime Stories (As Told By Our Dad) (Who Messed Them Up) as Katie. That’s not the only show she’s been in lately. Nivia also played Kate in the Pirates of Penzance Young Actors Workshop at Montgomery Theater. She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she loved bringing her characters to life!


Chuck Kane

((Pig #1 & Sleepy) Once again Chuck ends up on stage at DCP as a non-human character (a Pig from Brooklyn) and a 6-foot narcoleptic dwarf. You can’t imagine how deliriously happy he is to be playing these roles! Thanks first to “Mr.” for believing in me and secondly, and most of all, to my wife who continues to put up with my dreams of stardom on the stage. Enjoy this chuckle-fest of a show! 


Tara Dulac

(Merm & Grumpy) Tara Dulac is so excited to return to performing after a long break. Her most memorable role was playing the part of Cinderella in 5th grade! A big thank you to the DCP cast and crew for all their warmth and welcome. Being on stage is absolutely magical!"

Headshots Courtesy of Annalise Settefrati, Production Images Courtesy of Carly Covel


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