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The Green Room Project

Our theatre produces six main stage shows, three family theatre shows, and a number of outlet productions each year. With the glitz and glam of live theatre also comes wear and tear on our beloved building. See how your generous gifts allow us to keep our Theatre in tip-top shape!

Green room
restoration Project: Phase 1

The "Green Room" is the area where actors will get ready before a show and wait for their scenes and entrances during a production.


This room is used by nine regular productions and numerous outlet performances in a year and it was overdue for a massive refresh. The completion of this project will benefit future productions cast & crews for years to come.

Special Thanks to our phase 1 volunteers

Kent Gerhart-

For manning the

Phase1 Green Room Project Committee and for his countless hours of time poured into the project planning, demolition & construction of the green room. Without Kent's work over the past year, this project would not have been possible.

Mark Henry -

For his contributions to all things construction related and taking on the role of chief spackler. Mark spent many hours on this project, and it could not have done it without him.

Ray Podulka -

For serving as Kent's right hand man, He has been extremely helpful, and an all around super handy guy who can do almost anything.

Ray has put hundreds of hours in on this project spread over 30+ trips to the theatre. He deserves a gold medal.

Emma Beckers - 

For her help during construction and painting. Additionally for her contributions to the demolition and refurbishing the greenroom bathroom &  tiling

Jeff Beckers-

For his contribution to the green room bathroom demolition and tiling.

Camille Eustice -

For her help with interior design & painting.

Additional Thanks to our volunteers who came out to help 1-5 times.

Mike Addice

Jim Bingley

Casey Bonner

Kalie Desimone

Joe Gallagher

Scott Grande

Matt Mazza

Chris McBreen

Tish Negro

Cameron Purdy

Deb Takes

Jan Thompson

Ray Thompson

Thank you to our Project Sponsors

A.W. Bergey & Son's
Wright Flooring Company, Inc.
Roy Lomas Carpet and Hardwoods
Bergeys Electric
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